Frances Klein

Writing and Events

New and Permanent, Blanket Sea Press

The poems in Frances Klein’s chapbook, New and Permanent, revolve around her transition from an abled body into a disabled one. After the birth of her son, she found herself experiencing chronic pain. Klein grapples with her new reality, as well as accompanying mental health effects like anxiety and depression, while challenging society’s insistence on dismissal, invalidation, and unsolicited advice when confronted with chronic pain and illness.

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Available in Ebook and audiobook. 10% of proceeds go to The Little Timmy Project, supporting Black Maternal Health in Indiana.

The Best Secret, Bottlecap Press

The Best Secret is a micro-chapbook of erasure poems about a love affair. Using Stephen King’s novella The Colorado Kid as its source text, the poems in this collection follow a couple over the course of a year as the seasons change from winter to spring and spring to summer. The poems track the couple from their first meeting, through the head-over heels honeymoon stage, and to the inevitable end of the relationship.

Erasure poetry uses a source text as the raw material from which to unearth new and original meaning. In these poems, the violent mystery of The Colorado Kid is reimagined as a seaside love affair, and a bittersweet one at that.

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About Frances Klein

  • Frances Klein (she/her) is a poet writing at the intersection of disability and gender. She has also been a teacher of English and Creative Writing at the high school level for over a decade. Born and raised in Southeast Alaska, Klein now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Kris, and her son Paul.
  • Klein is the author of New and Permanent, a poetry chapbook being released by Blanket Sea Press on July 12, 2022.
  • Klein is also the author of the forthcoming micro-chapbook The Best Secret (Bottlecap Press). She has been published in numerous online and print publications, including River Styx, Tupelo Press, and So it Goes: The Literary Journal of the Vonnegut Memorial Library. Klein currently serves as assistant editor of Southern Humanities Review.

Selected Publications, Online

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Neologism Review- “Teaching Your Teen to Host” and “The Artist is Tired”

Roi Faineant Press- “Still Life with Frying Pan, Fight, and Flower-pot” and “Mr. S”

SWWIM- “Self-Portrait as a Landscape”

Selcouth Station- “Cocktail,” “The Poet Writes a Love Letter to Herself from her Husband”

Perhappened Literary- “Sting Under Sweetness”

Dead Letter Radio- “Targeted”

Visible Magazine- “Self-Portrait with Other People’s Self-Portraits”

Woodcat Review- “Why I Stopped Carrying a Notebook”

Lighthouse Weekly- “The Problem of Describing the Caribbean,” “Open Air Jazz”

Sledgehammer Literary- “To Deer Mountain”

Trouvaille Review- “Origin Stories”

Points in Case- “Please Enjoy the New Line of Parenting Books from Target Wellness” (Humor)

Bending Genres- “Annie Sandusky, Queen of Grade 9”