Poem up at Last Resort

I have a poem up this week at Last Resort Literary Review, as part of their inaugural print issue. My poem was also chosen by the editors to be featured on their website as a “little taste” of what the issue will be like.

This is…a weird one. I wrote this poem at a writer’s retreat I went to a few years ago (through Barrelhouse, if you’re interested. They run a great program and I highly recommend it). The poem was written as it comes off, tongue in cheek and definitely not serious. After drafting, I typed it up and basically never looked at it again.

Every once in awhile, in the years since, I would take a look at the draft, laugh, and move on. I never revised this piece, since I never thought anyone would want it.

When I was putting together a submission to Last Resort, I threw this poem in as the last piece in the submission, since the journal specified that they wanted poems that were, in their words, “controversial or biting.” Later, my husband and I joked that, after a long spell of rejections, the first poem to get accepted would definitely be the mosquito-sex one.

And…here we are. The acceptance, when it came, referred to the poem as “groundbreaking.” My joke poem about mosquito sex. Groundbreaking. Since then, the journal has been great to work with, very complimentary and with lots of communication about the process.

It’s always cool to see my name and work in print. I guess this is just another example of how weird and unpredictable the publishing world can be.

You can find the poem here: https://lastresortliteraryreview.com/2021/07/30/after-getting-blackout-drunk-at-a-campfire-by-frances-klein/

Photo credit: mclaren.org

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